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Our Support of the PBI Adventure Learning Program

Polar Bear Nation donates 50% of our profits to Polar Bears International
to fund a full scholarship for a student to attend the Polar Bear Leadership Camp in the Arctic North.

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Leadership CampEach year, over two dozen students and teachers from around the world travel to Churchill, Manitoba to understand the effects of climate change and hone their leadership skills. They blog every night, allowing anyone around the world to share in their experience. One week of intense field work exposes the students to all sides of the issues facing polar bears and humans in the Churchill region. After the camp, each student creates a forward action plan to help educate their peers and create a new mind-set on conservation issues.

The leadership exhibited by the students who participated in 2004-2007 can be viewed on the Adventure Learning Program page of the PBI Web site. Ultimately these Ambassadors of the Arctic gave presentations to thousands of their fellow classmates. In addition, their Web journals were read by hundreds of thousands of people. Millions more were reached through television interviews and newspaper articles. The worldwide exposure and publicity received has helped drive additional students to the PBI Web site to explore and understand the world of the polar bears. The PBI Newsletter also featured the adventures and enthusiasm of these leaders, again creating a strong interest in conservation. Institutions participating in student selection include Parks Canada, Manitoba Conservation, Winnipeg School District, Oregon Zoo, Alaska Zoo, The Maryland Zoo, San Diego Zoo, Sea World Australia, and Cologne Zoo in Germany.

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Adapted from Polar Bears International with permission.